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"My own PLN (Personal Learning Network) is constantly sharing good practice and resources. A perfect example of this recently is I found out about Infotopia which was recommended by my network, which is a search engine that I was not aware of for children. It is created by librarians and finds websites at the appropriate level. This is a brilliant resource on two levels. One, it is now something that I will teach in a class where I am being asked to teach website evaluation and it is also something I will use myself when I am searching for appropriate websites to add to our school library catalogues."
               Elizabeth Hutchinson,
Libraries, Schools, Social Media and lots more...

"Infotopia is an academic search engine designed for "students, teachers, and especially homeschoolers." Created by Dr. Michael Bell (former chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians) and Carole Bell (former middle school librarian and director of libraries), Infotopia uses a Google custom search to provide accesses to previously vetted websites selected by librarians, teachers, and educational professionals. Rounding out this powerful search feature, Infotopia provides tabs on a series of different topics, from Arts to Biography to Games to Health. Each tab opens up to more subject links, for instance Biography features Biography, Hispanic Bios, and African American Bios. Selecting any of these sub-topics navigates to a page of related external resources, such as African-American Odyssey, Time for Kids: Black History Month, and The Franklin Institute. Readers will also be pleased to find an excellent blog elaborating on teacher-recommended resources.
        Craig Hase, Editor, Scout Report

"Infotopia- It works just like Google but pulls results meant for students doing research"
               Milford Pub. Schools - AP Packet for Students: Using the library for AP Research

"This is a great resource for students doing research on a topic or issue. It is a “Google alternative” that will help students find appropriate, scholarly source material. "
               OER Commons (PDF)

"INFOTOPIA offers websites of databases with information on many topics. Fast and easy way to retrieve reliable web info. "
               Student Learning Network Resourcest

"Search Engines We Recommend: Infotopia has fewer ads and librarian selected links; it is powered by Google and gives a more limited but highly useful selection of results."
               Spring Independent School District

"InfoTopia offers both safe search for information as well as for images, which is a great alternative to using the regular Google Search with kids."
               Oak Hill United Schools, Indiana

"Infotopia is a search engine that accesses trusted websites that were individually chosen by librarians, educators, and scholars. Search for information through specialized portals such as Arts and Leisure, Biography, Health, Literature, History, News and Opinion, etc., or through a generalized search that encompasses all the portals."
               Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management Library Resource                Center: Virtual Collection

"Infotopia can be used by all grades and subjects. This search engine is a alternative for Google. Not only will students have the option to explore different subjects, they can also search images and sounds on Infotopia. Infotopia is perfect for people of all ages. This search engine covers all areas taught in school. I would use this for pleasure as well as educational.
               Brittney Henderson, EDM 310 Blog

"Another great site is Infotopia. Infotopia combines the best of both worlds - internet safe search using Google's SafeSearch and a compilation of quality, content specific sites. Using Infotopia, students also have access to opinion polls, reference materials, current events/news, and language learning sites. In my opinion, Infotopia is more geared toward upper elementary through secondary students...
               Jeremy Bunker , Safe Internet Search Tools for Students

"A fantastic multi-source link for all of World History. (Has) many links ... to find anything you need for World History info!
               Erin Faulhaber, Sydney Public Schools

"Infotopia is Google alternative safe search engine that gives information and reference sites on the following subjects: art, social sciences, history, languages, literature, science and technology and many more.
               Best Educational Search Engines For Academic Researchers, 2015

"Search Engines that we use every day actually have the goal of selling you a product or service. Some wonderful librarians have created a filtered version of Google called INFOTOPIA for people to use to filter out the "gunk". There are two more: VirtualLRC.com & Primary Sources Search Engine! They were created for high school students by Michael Bell, Former Chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians, and retired school and university librarian. "
               Carlisle HS Library, Price, TX.

"(Infotopia).. A vast collection of resources on Black History. Contains about two hours of historic video footage of the civil rights era. A vast collection of resources for the study of the Constitution and for Constitution Day on Sept. 17th."
                Southern Oregon Education Service District

" Infotopia's Primary Resources Portal is a fantastic resource. Many of these primary sources would be difficult, if not impossible to find on the Internet."
                Florence-Carlton District 15-6 Library, Florence, MT.

"Using Infotopia’s resources is one way to teach the importance of source evaluation with a timely political theme. Infotopia has useful resources besides the specific search engine. One that you may want to check out is its collection of Presidential election resources. It includes a bunch of interesting resources,..."
               Emily Gover, EasyBib

"Use the databases (which give the best results)... Infotopia ... a search engine designed with students in mind"
               Angela Green, Middle School Librarian, Battle Ground Academy

"... this is a safe search engine, where all irrelevant links are filtered out. This is a time saver for students and gives them "peace of mind" that searches are more focused."
               Student Links, H. B. Zachry Middle School, Northside I.S.D, San Antonio, TX.

"Infotopia uses multiple search engines, with results edited by educators, to create a deep search system for documents, images, or presentations."
               Miramonte High School Library, Bakersfield, CA

"Infotopia is a Google alternative safe search engine offering information and reference sites. If you study natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, fires, volcanoes, and earthquakes, this is the site for you! Also, this site includes over 15 links to the best resources for secondary school research into animals, including a comprehensive list of resources exclusively on mammals. Infotopia offers a collection of balanced resources on this controversial topic (global warming)."
               St. Edward`s Library, Christian Brothers` College, New South Wales, Australia.

"A safe search engine. Great for doing research!"
               Van Derveer School

"Search a pre-selected group of academically oriented websites for information on all sorts of social issues, from robots to body image. Believe it or not, this will work better than Google for many topics."
               Ms. Bing, Bishop England High School

"This free tool is an academic search engine that uses resources trusted by educators. Choose from various subjects at the top or enter your search term directly into the search bar. Infotopia uses a Google Custom search to find information that is appropriate for students.... Share this site with students in class. Have students use this site for research. Be sure to link to this site on your blog, wiki, or class website. Make this site the home page for your classroom computer."

"Try Infotopia... Infotopia is a search engine that is a safe Google alternative for students to use when searching for information on the web. Infotopia offers a variety of reference and informational sites for subjects such as: art, social science, math, social issues, science and technology. and biography."
               Bitterroot Library Media Center

"Here it is – www.infotopia.info - the alternative to google that we should be telling our students about! Aside from just having fabulous background images that change every day, Infotopia is a quality search engine that uses limited and “approved” sources (i.e. not Wikipedia). It actually creates resource lists for searchers so that you know what sources the information is coming from. A simple serach is easy and quick but perhaps its best feature is the refinement bar on the top of every search. It provides a list of limitations and refinements that users can easily apply to their search. On my next day in the library I am going to set this site as the default internet browser and hope that teenagers’ natural inclination towards laziness causes them to use Infotopia for their searches."
               Freshlymintedlibrarian Blog

"Infotopia is a great website with recommended educational links and lesson plans, take a look at their January newsletter and back issues. You can also get on their mailing list for the latest updates in educational technology."
               Gail Gilland,Damascus Middle School Library

"http://www.infotopia.info/ is a great site for all content areas. The tabs at the top are for each content area, and contain links to amazing website with a ton of content. This place is an endless catch-all of content and information that you will spend hours sifiting through, and coming up with ideas that you can’t help but love."
               Carolyn Brown, Teach Brown: Tools and Resources for Teachers

"fantastic multi-source link .... to find anything you need"
               Erin Faulhaber, Sidney Public Schools, Montana, USA

"Infotopia is a terrific all-around search engine for students that returns great results on any topic from A to Z."
               Plymouth South Middle School IMC, Plymouth, MA

"This is a great source for easy and reliable research!"
               Bryan I.S.D. Libraries

"Infotopia has a new Math Homework Resource Page. You can get online help that shows you how to solve math problems, from general math or K-8 math to algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. These resources should be good practice for students having difficulty in math. http://www.infotopia.info/math_homework_help.html "
               Elaine Beaird, Ridgecrest Elementry School, Huntsville, Alabama

"Taking the time to teach our students to "google" can be a process. Maybe you have thought that you need some quick, easy, and reliable. Infotopia is for you and your students. Infotopia is a free academic search engine that uses resources trusted by educators. Check it out. It has images, games, literature, news, subject area specific content and more. Before you google next time, try infotopia! "
               Matthew Mayo, the 'Happy IT Guy'

"infotopia is a search engine that allows you to specify a category for your search so that you are only provided with relevant results. It’s perfect for assignments that require students to focus on a specific subject area."
               The 5 Best Free Web Search Tools for Teachers by Christopher Pappas, eLearning

"Infotopia - Look up almost anyting. Great online database!"
               Northside Independent School District - Research Database Page

"Infotopia - a fantastic multi-source link for all of World History - many links within the link to find anything you need for World History info!"
               Erin Faulhaber, Sidney Public Schools

"This free tool is an academic search engine that uses resources trusted by educators. ... Share this site with students in class. Have students use this site for research. Be sure to link to this site on your blog, wiki, or class website. Make this site the home page for your classroom computer."

"Explore links to Poetry resources -- http://www.infotopia.info/poetry.html -- Infotopia has new page of resources for poetry. You'll find links to famous poets, texts from a range of poetry as well as voice recordings of poem read-alouds (courtesy HarperAudio)"
               Gordon`s Library Links

"Infotopia is a custom search engine designed for students by librarians. Infotopia uses various filters to produce clearer results for all student work. Start searching at http://www.infotopia.info/."
               Teen NY( 2/13/2013 )

" Infotopia: a wealth of information supporting the Common Core - …this is a portal to a wealth of solid information directly supporting the Common Core. May be used by teachers as well as students."
                Jude, INFORMATION LITERACY AT PROFILE SCHOOL (2/18/2013)

"TeacherTopia, Kidtopia and AcademicIndex are all available at Infotopia.info. Something important to consider is that Infotopia is a free resource. With the access to Hot Topics, images, sound and links to almost any topic you can think of, Infotopia.info is an asset for every classroom."
               ECISD Libraries Tech Tuesdays ( Wednesday, January 23, 2013 )

"Tired of ``Googling`` and not finding what you need? There is a new search engine online that has some student friendly features. It is called Infotopia (www.infotopia.info). This search engine has educators review website to determine the authority, overall quality and relevance of a site … This may be a very useful tool for both students and adults. Give it a try!"
               Cherry Hill Middle School Newsletter

"The Infotopia family of sites offers some great online resources for teachers and students. I have added Kidtopia search to the Links for students page on the library website, and Infotopia and TeacherTopia to the Links for Teachers page. Here are the direct links: http://www.infotopia.info/ http://www.teachertopia.info/ http://www.kidtopia.info/"
               Karen Sekiguchi, Elementary Librarian, Danvers Public Schools

"This is a great search engine! It functions just like Google, but usually gives informative, credible results."
               Karen Myers, Cannell Library, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

"Infotopia - A Really Great Free Database"
               Strickland Middle School, Denton I.S.D., Denton, Texas

"Infotopia - Great links & resources for educators & students."
               Patricia Alvarado, L.V. Stockard Middle School, Dallas, Texas

"Below is a list of the best Search Engines available: (Note Infotopia and SWEETSearch and also Academicindex- they are totally reliable as they were created by and for educators)"
               Harrison High School Media Center Wiki

"These are online search engines (Infotopia.info , Academicindex.net , Virtuallrc.com , Kidtopia.info & Teachertopia.info ) that only go to sites that have been pre-approved by educators. This is a great source for easy and reliable research!"
               Bryan Independent School District, Bryan, Texas

"Infotopia has a "hot topics" page if you need to do an assignment about a pro/con issue or debate. Check it out…"
               Helena College Library

"Great resources for the upcoming (2012 presidential) election!"
                (via Twitter) Brad Currie, Middle School Vice Principal and Supervisor of Instuction for the Chester School District in Chester, NJ.

"Infotopia - Dr. Michael Bell helps you find the best resources to help you complete school projects and learn more about whatever YOU want! These sites are authoritative and can be trusted because teachers and librarians have already checked them out for you! Have fun learning something new TODAY!"
               Julie Sloup, Virginia Williamson Elementary School, Bolivia, N.C.

"When researching, use Infotopia, http://www.infotopia.info/, as a reliable search engine for credible resources."
               Mrs. MacFarland, Meridian School, Round Rock, Texas

"... The reason I love it (http://www.infotopia.info) so much is that it is powered by Google but the web sites it finds have been vetted and recommended by teachers and librarians. Actually, a retired librarian developed the search tool. For academic subjects, the search results are quite amazing and it cuts down on evaluation time for you and your students."
               Barbara Connolly, Riverdell High School, River Edge, NJ

"NOT ALL SEARCH ENGINES ARE THE SAME. Google has no quality control of sources therefore is NOT research. Infotopia is the best for our academic sources"
               Cassandra Smyers, Lawrence High School, Kansas

"Infotopia: Infotopia is an academic search engine accessing only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers and library and educational consortia. With Infotopia, 'Safe Search' is always on. I thought this would make a great addition to our library page."
               Caroll McMath Middle School, Denton, Texas

"INFOTOPIA offers websites of databases with information on many topics. Fast and easy way to retrieve reliable web info."
               Skyline Lib. Media Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Powered by Google, this search engines cuts out the "junk" and includes only reliable websites chosen by information professionals."
               Ruben A. Cirillo High School Library

"My teacher has us use a search engine called Infotopia because the safe search is always on. She says that the sites are trusted because the Web sites are selected by teachers and librarians.""
               Warrensburg Schools, Warrensburg, Missouri

"Try this great search engine to find quality websites!"
               A. D. Oliver MS Library, Brockport, New York

"Thanks for the awesome websites. I just wanted to let you know that my son is in college and was working on a research paper. He was having a hard time getting websites. I told him about your sites and he was able to complete his research with no problem at all. Thanks a million. "
               Beatriz Porras, Librarian, Vermillion Elementary, Brownsville, Texas

"Great primary source documents!"
               DEMAREST SCHOOL, Bloomfield, New Jersey

"Search multiple websites with a single search box at Infotopia. Sites are selected by librarians and teachers. Topics include arts, biography, health, history, images, news, quotations, science, technology, social sciences, and social issues."
               Sandra Hawes, Associate Professor, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL

"Before you go to Google, try Infotopia..."
               Marilyn Goad, Arlington Middle School (Tennessee)

"Infotopia gives access to good websites on most topics, and it also has a page with links to portals worth recommending. Infotopia is recommended both for students and teachers."
               Univ. of Stavanger (Norway)

"Infotopia is a search engine, powered by Google, for selected information and reference sites. Great resource for social sciences, art, history, magazines, newspapers and so much more!"
               Tallmadge High School Library

"Infotopia Search Engine.. It`s as good as it sounds!"
               Clawson Elementary Schools Research Page

"A Power Point Presentation was made by High School Librarian, Andrea Loyola. Mrs. Loyola reported that Infotopia is new in the Library. This program is a search engine that helps students with their research papers which has been a great resource for our students!"
               Andrea Loyola, High School Librarian, Carlise ISD, Price, Texas

"Do you have difficulty finding quality information resources on the Web? You might want to use Infotopia, an academic search engine that accesses only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia. You can go directly to a category or search all at once. Who knows, you might just find your next favorite website using Infotopia!"
               Mrs. Hightower`s blog

"Infotopia- Massive clearing house for resources and web-based data"
               Jeff Yasinchuk's List: Library

"Infotopia- an online search engine that goes only to sites that have been pre-approved by educators. This is an AWESOME source for easy and reliable research. SHARE this with your kids!!!!"
               Harrison High School Media Center Wiki

"This is the alternative to google that we should be telling our students about! Infotopia is a search engine that uses limited and ``approved`` sources (resources it lists for searchers so that you know where the information is coming from). Perhaps its best feature is the refinement bar on the top of a search that allows searchers to easily apply limitations and refinements to it."
               Provincial Intermediate Teachers` Association (Canada)

"As an LMS I was aware of most of the searching techniques that we discussed in class and the google game, but I hadn't looked at many other search engines. I'm as bad as the kids, I just resort to google because it's familiar. I did find a number of different search engines that were specific for education, and would be great to use with my students. The one I really liked is www.infotopia.info. I have already suggested it to a few teachers, they all loved it, and I put a link to it on my library home page. I need to spend some more time working with this. We have specialized databases that we encourage students to use, this would just be another good step to take."
               Danen's Tech Thoughts

"Infotopia - A great site that links you to lots of reference material - find out about anything you are interested in!"
               Susan Strautman, Classroom Links

"Infotopia is a comprehensive academic search engine that has many different topics of research. From the original search you can search many different subjects that have websites. This will be helpful when giving students search engine options other than Google and teaching them how to use a variety of sources. There are many different possible options to use for searching and finding things but there are so many it my be overwhelming. Still, there are a lot of good sources that can be found on this cumulative search engine."
               MelissasToolkit : 10 Websites to Use with Your Classes

"Infotopia is a fantastic place for help. All the results are aimed at kids doing homework!"
               BMS Library Media Center, Briarcliff Manor, NY MS Library Media Center

"I always have my 8th graders do an in-depth 'research skills unit'. After seeing this site mentioned many times on LM Net, I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, my students love it! Thanks for providing a realistic and relevant search engine!"
               Karen Myers, Hallettsville Junior High School in Hallettsville, Texas

"The Internet is a extraordinary place to find a wealth of information instan-taneously, but the downside is that we do not always know how creditable the information is that we have found. For the inexperienced researcher, this can make the World Wide Web a dangerous place. A safer alternative for students researching on the Web is Infotopia (www.infotopia.info), a Google Custom Search Engine, created by Dr. Michael Bell in November, 2009. Infotopia searches only sites recommended by librari-ans, teachers, and educational and library consortia. It has most of Google search features that students are use to, but returns much less junk."
               James I. O`Neill High School Library Media Center

"New Search Engine - There is a new search engine online that has student friendly features. It is called Infotopia(www.Infotopia.info). Note: This is not a .com site but a .info site.This search engine determines the au-thority, overall quality and relevance of a site and ranks it in the hit list from best down. (Did you know Google ranks sites based upon advertising dollars?) Infotopia selects only trusted websites and is highly rec-ommended for students and teachers. This search engine was created by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians."
               Cherry Hill Middle School Newsletter - Media Center News

"I recently discovered a great new search tool: Infotopia http://www.infotopia.info/ . It is an academic search engine that searches only pre-selected sites put together by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia. It was created and is maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians. I have only gotten terrific, reliable results from this search engine! Give it a try! "
               Web Search Tool - Infotopia

"I've been enjoying some new search engines recently. There are two that are particularly useful for students: Sweet Search and Infotopia. Both of these search engines filter results by quality so that students are looking at websites that have been chosen for their content. I've written about Sweet Search before in a previous post. Infotopia is brand new... This search engine will be great for students researching topics about which they have limited background knowledge. I`ve done a few searches so far on it and it really does access some great resources. Go ahead and check it out - Infotopia. "
               Joanna Arkans - New Platz High School Blog

"Infotopia: A great way to search ... it has become increasing frustrating for students and teachers to try to narrow down the information a search produces as well as check for accuracy, currency, and authority. Well, along comes something to help - Infotopia. Infotopia is an academic search engine that searches with Google but accesses only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia. Automatically it has the Safe Search filter on. ...Fifth and sixth graders ... enjoyed the ease with which they found reliable websites and images and all said they would use it again in their own research."
               Voices From The Inglenook - Cold Spring School Library

"Reliable, evaluated web sites on many, many topics - powered by Google."
               Clinton Township Middle School Library

"It (Infotopia) indexes only quality websites previously recommended by librarians and teachers. The Infotopia safe search engine for students (or anybody) is a good source for great websites. Great quotations links."
               Edmonds Woodway High School

"Infotopia is a new search engine for students and teachers. Are your students working on research projects? Looking for a safe place to search? Check out Infotopia. Infotopia is an academic search engine accessing only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia. Infotopia is recommended for students, teachers, and homeschoolers. Infotopia was created by, and is maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians.  Check it out at: www.infotopia.info"
               Siskiyou County Instructional Media Center

"Working on an assignment? Researching a topic? Need authoritative information FAST? Start your quest with Infotopia, the research search engine..."
               Woodlawn Middle School

"If I were working with students, I would encourage them to use http://infotopia.info/ instead of Google, to maximize their chances of getting appropriate and useful hits ..."
               One Media Specialist's Journey - From Library to Classroom

"Infotopia (www.infotopia.info) is a very comprehensive list of web reference resources for all subjects and issues (with a great directory of images as well)."

"Dr Bell has just released an enhancement to his fabulous Infotopia site."
               Gordon`s Library Links

"When searching the internet, try ... ( Infotopia ) ... instead of Google or BING"
               Donovan Middle School - Even Better Than Google

"Google Custom Search - http://www.infotopia.info/ Articles more suitable to school research"
               ESL Tools for Teachers and Students

"Infotopia indexes tens of thousands of educator-selected academic web pages.  This is a safe source for students to use."
               Union Middle School Media WebPage

"INFOTOPIA - a great way for kids to search for information."
               GES Library News

"Are you in need of a new search engine for academic research? ... Check this one out: Infotopia. I think you will find it to be quiet pleasing and easy to use. Enjoy!"
               The Cross Connection

"Infotopia - an academic search engine with trusted websites selected by educators.  A reliable alternative to Google."
               Villages Charter School

"Infotopia is an academic search engine accessing only trusted websites ... Because Infotopia is a Google custom search engine, you get the cool Google search features, but without the garbage."
               Tuffree Library

"The Infotopia Safe Search Engine is a good Google alternative for students."
               LCS District Media Site

"Infotopia-a great search engine for students and teachers. This is my students' favorite web site ..."
               TreksOnline - Favorite Research Web Sites

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