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         World War II in the Pacific From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
Prelude to War
Attack on Pearl Harbor
World War Two - How America Became Involved
Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?
Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Speech
Fall of the Philippines
Japanese Atrocities & Bataan Death March
WWII- The Japanese Perspective
Doolittle Raid
Pacific Island Leapfrogging
Japanese Air Raid on Darwin, Australia.
Battle of the Coral Sea
Battle of Midway
Battle of Guadalcanal
Mr. and Mrs. America (War II Bond Promo)
Rosie the Riveters of World War II
Yamamoto Shootdown
Battle of Tarawa (Gilbert Islands)
China-Burma-India Campaign
Navajo Code Talkers
Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
Japanese Kamikazi Attacks
Enemy Propaganda: Evil Mickey Attacks Japan
Commando Duck: Donald vs. the Japanese
Battle of Iwo Jima
Battle of Okinawa
Liberation of the Philippines
Last Days of the Pacific War
Japanese Treatment of Allied POWs
U.S. A-Bombs Destroy Two Cities- The War Ends
Truman & The Bomb

Japan Surrenders on 9/2/45 in Tokyo Bay
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