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American Memory provides information related to African American History, Culture, Folklife, Immigration, American Expansion, American Literature, Maps, Native American History, Performing Arts, Music, Presidents, War, Military, and Women's History America Centuries provides information related to Shays' Rebellion,Oral Histories,oral history,Early American Tools,objects,artifacts,Military,Religion,Rituals,Work,American dress and costume,uniforms,Art,Children,Documents,Entertainment,flags Historesearch provides information related to African Americans,Ancient History,Asian History,Current Events,Historical Documents,primary source documents,Latin America,History Lesson Plans,Medieval history, Renaissance history,European history,Modern World History,U.S. History,United States Rock & Roll War and Military History
History Central provides information related to Explorers,Colonial Period,The Revolution,Antebellum,Civil War Period,Reconstruction and Industrialization,decades,The Twenties,The Great Depression,World War II,WWII,Postwar America,The Sixties,African American History,Native American History,American Women's History,immigration Lewis & Clark (.org) provides information related to American Indian tribes,native americans,native american cultures,Mapping the American West,map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,Corps of Discovery,Lewis and Clark Trail The Library of Congress Primary Sources provides information related to Hispanic Americans, the Great Depression, Geography and Maps, Exploration and Explorers, Aviators, aviation, Elections, Colonial America, Early America, Civil War, Civil Rights, Baseball, Asian Pacific Americans, Advertising, Abraham Lincoln, Jamestown, Powhatan, John Rolfe, Pocahontas, Virginia Company of London, Roanoke, Primary Source Documents, labor reforms, suffrage, Wars, leisure activities, sports, culture, Recreation, films, images, innovations, Inventors, Science, political Cartoons, Environment, nature, Native Americans, Dance, Music, Literature, Poetry, Labor, Immigration,and Holidays.
The Smithsonian National Museum of American History provides information related to Food, Family & Social Life, Architecture, Clothing, Coins, Currency, Medals, Government, Politics, Reform, Health, Medicine, Musical Instruments, Natural Resources, Textiles, Transportation,and Work The History Channel provides information for teachers and students related to all sorts of history topics. Social Studies Lesson Plans provides information related to lesson plans for classes in social studies.
History Place provides information related to all sorts of history topics. Best of History Websites provides information related to all sorts of history topics. Infotopia presents several in-depth sites for the American Civil War including primary sources, Mathew Brady photographs, Civil War technology innovations, causes and results of the Civil War, and more.
Infotopia offers a collection of top sites related to black history including biographies, primary resources, and African American history. The American Heritage Foundation has links to American History resources. Infotopia presents fifteen great links to sites about the decades in American history, including popular culture.
Texas history culture Texas indian tribes Infotopia offers several links suitable for grades K-6 related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.  Included is an animated video explaining the attacks to young people, oral histories, and museum artifacts recovered from the attack sites. United States Constitution
Visit Infotopia`s collection of national holiday sites for Veterans` Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. atlantic slave trade Civil Rights Movement, Civil Rights Era, Civil Rights Leaders,Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott, Martin Luther King, Jr., African-Americans, racial discrimination, I have a dream speech
primary sources JFK assassination Infotopia offers links to some of the best US history decades sites on the Internet. Digital History is an excellent resource that cover history eras, history topics, primary sources, and more.
President, Presidents of the United States, Document Archive,  Public Papers of the Presidents,  State of the Union,  Addresses & Messages,  Inaugural Addresses,  Weekly Addresses,  Fireside Chats,  News Conferences,  Executive Orders,  Proclamations,  Signing Statements,  Press Briefings,  Statements of,   Administration Policy,  Economic Report of the President,  Debates,  Convention Speeches,  Party Platforms,  2012 Election Documents,  2008 Election Documents,  2004 Election Documents,  1960 Election Documents World War Two Revolutionary War,American revolution
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