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Infotopia Search Tips
Infotopia is powered by Google. Limited use of Boolean operators is supported.

  • The use of AND between search terms is assumed.
    That is : horses cows goats IS THE SAME THING AS - horses AND cows AND goats .
  • OR is supported as in : horses OR cows OR goats
  • NOT is not used. Use the minus sign - instead :
    horses cows goats -colts
  • Use quotes " " around phrases : "horse training"
  • You can search within a single website (as long as it is a website
    included in Infotopia) by typing the special operator site: and
    the url before your search terms
    Example : zoology (don't forget the space before the first search term!)
  • Here is an example search using ( ) to group terms

    (games OR gaming) +(conventions OR "trade shows")

Consult the folowing pages for more tips: